Mus-Max WT 10XL Z


The robust construction and simple, automatic operation of the WT 10XL Z enables the crane operator to fully concentrate on feeding the chipper, thus generating a throughput capacity of up to 180 loose cubic metres per hour.

The one-metre wide feed is optimal for shrubs and the intake belt of the chipper is 2.7m long, enabling even 4m long cordwood to remain safely on the belt and not fall off. The high contact pressure of the upper feed roller ensures the production of top-quality woodchip, even when chipping brash and debris. Split screens can be quickly and easily changed by one person in a matter of minutes. This chipper also benefits from the patented foreign body protection device (against steel parts, large stones etc), utilising predetermined, easily replaceable breaking parts to prevent further damage to the chipper drum. New throwing vanes with replaceable Hardox wear plates create a higher blower throwing output. The ejector flap can be angled to blow upwards if required.

WT 10XL Z Technical data

Feed opening (W x H)cm98 x 75
Tree diameter maxcm75cm softwood, 60cm hardwood
Chipper capacity up to maxlcm/h180
Chipper knives or bladespcs5 / 10 / 12
Screen surfacem21.70
Ejection height maxm5.2
Throwing distance maxm12
Machine dimensions (L/W/H)m6 / 2.5 / 4
Dead load without cranet12.5
Dead load with cranet15
Feeding chain with rollerm2.7
Power requirement tractorhp250-400
Operation modeCrane operation 
Drawbar design: top or bottom hitching